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When the sun is shining, the world seems to smile. All the extra sun may be beneficial for your gums as well. But how? Our Waldorf orthodontics team is happy you asked. Let’s find out.

Sunlight is the primary source of vitamin D. Despite this, nearly one billion people worldwide lack adequate levels of vitamin D. Apart from keeping bones and teeth strong, vitamin D also supports a healthy immune system, making it a crucial component of our health. When the immune system is weak, many health problems can occur, including gum disease. Inflamed or sore gum tissue can cause loose teeth, painful gums, and even tooth loss.

You may notice a difference in your immune system if you get more sunlight. Although it doesn’t replace your daily oral hygiene routine, that extra bit of sun could keep your gums healthy and happy. But the fascinating part is that sunlight is free.  So why not take advantage of it?

Enjoy your outdoor fun while knowing that your oral health and overall health are being taken care of because of the sun. Contact our Alexandria, VA orthodontics office to schedule your next appointment and avoid gum disease.

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